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Our Team Visits 3 Local Farms – Where Your Food Comes From

June 13th, 2012

One of the most important things to us at Urban Acres is staying connected with our farmers who provide you with wonderful local, organic produce.  We make farm trips regularly throughout the year to see how our farmers are doing and check the progress on the food they’re growing that we then provide to you, our members and friends.

This past Monday, a team of 5 Urban Acres staffers traveled for 18 hours covering 650 miles across Texas to visit 3 of our farm partners:

  • Caprino Royale in Waco, TX.   Husband and wife team Eric and Karen have the best goat cheese in all of Texas, hands-down.  Their chevre is used in many top-rated restaurants here in Dallas.  When you know every single goat by name, then you know the cheese is made with love!
  • Gundermann Acres in Wharton County, TX.  Thank goodness we found Garrett and Stacie Gundermann – they have already provided amazing produce for our co-op style produce shares this year!  The Gundermanns met in high school and got married in 2009.  Garrett is a 4th generation farmer.  Their farm started with a peach orchard, and the family added other fruits and veggies in the mid-1990s.  Now they grow everything from peppers to peaches to figs to eggplant.
  • Eden Creek Farm in Blooming Grove, TX.  Eden Creek is owned by Steve and Kristine Orth, an incredibly energetic and friendly couple that loves growing and sharing their beautiful herbs, greens, veggies, and delicious peaches and plums.  They also have a menagerie of animals with fun names like Tinkerbell, Wilbur, and Squeaky.

We wanted to give you an inside look.  So here’s a little slideshow.

First stop, Caprino Royale…

On the road at 5am…in the Volkswagen Rabbit where UA first began

Breakfast at Caprino: homemade pound cake with local blueberries, raw goat milk, and Oak Cliff Coffee – MMMMM.

Samantha and Jeff learn a goat-feeding lesson from Karen at Caprino

Our Liz with Eric at Caprino

Love me!

[vimeo 43940718 w=500 h=282]

* * *

Next stop, Gundermann  Acres…

Unconventional setting for our meeting at Gundermann Acres – just how we do business :)

Steven getting a tour from Garrett Gundermann

Hydroponics greenhouse

Our studly Andy

Just a few weeks until these huge, juicy figs make an appearance in your produce share!

Liz experiencing fig yumminess

Andy trying a Gundermann fig

Samantha checking out the bell peppers

Steven chowing down on Gundermann organic sweet corn, straight from the field

Waist-deep in organic sweet corn fields: Liz, Garrett Gundermann, Andy, Samantha

[vimeo 43940719 w=500 h=282]

* * *

Final stop, Eden Creek Farm…

Our team (minus Jeff) with the Orths at Eden Creek Farm in Blooming Grove: Steven, Steve Orth, Kristine Orth, Andy, Liz, Samantha

Eden Creek’s potbellied pigs

[vimeo 43940721 w=500 h=282]

[vimeo 43940720 w=500 h=282]

Ending the trip with a true farm-to-table dinner under the stars with everything coming from the land at Eden Creek Farm

Thank you, Urban Acres farmers, for working in the hot, the cold, the windy, the rainy, for sacrificing so much to provide the best organic food in Texas for our members and friends.  We ♥ you!

Local Goat Cheese Is Back!

May 10th, 2012

Our team is traveling around Texas today, and they stopped this morning  to see Eric and Karen at Caprino Royale farm in Waco and to pick up more of their remarkable goat cheese for our store!  We’ve missed it and are so excited to have delicious cheese from the girls again.

Baby goats at Caprino Royale


And here are some easy recipes to try with your local goat cheese…

Roasted Carrot Veggie Pasta // afarmerinthedell.com

What’s YOUR favorite way to eat goat cheese?  Please post a comment and share with us!

Today at UA: Carving Pumpkins, Pearl Brand Baked Goods, Wine & Cheese Samples, Reed Avocadoes

October 8th, 2011

We have carving pumpkins in the store now and they are HUGE!  Bring the kids to the store today to pick some out for fall crafts. Only $5 each!

We also have fresh coffee cake muffins and cranberry scones from Penelope who also makes Pearl Brand Artisanal Ice Cream.

Tell us these don’t look amazing…

We’re also doing a wine and cheese sampling from 12noon-2pm – all kinds of local cheeses and a few organic wines from Chelsmati’s Wine Market which is a few doors down from UA.

Last but not least, we have rare, beautiful Reed avocados for sale.  They’re enormous.  Like, bigger than a softball.  Like, almost as big as Nicole’s head.

Volunteer Nicole with Reed avocado during the produce sort yesterday

See you in the store!

Wine & Cheese Sampling – Saturday, October 8th

October 7th, 2011


Tomorrow, Saturday, October 8th from 12noon-2pm, we’re going to be sampling all kinds of local cheeses and will also be tasting two organic wines from Chelsmati’s Wine Market a few doors down. Come over to the store and join us!

Also, if you wear a UT shirt tomorrow you get a free high five from our store manager, Liz :-) GO HORNS!!!

Slow Food Challenge Photos & Chef Sean’s Cole Slaw Recipe

September 19th, 2011

The Slow Food $5 Challenge this past Saturday was a great time sharing a slow food meal with our neighbors and friends.  Here are some photos from the event, as well as Chef Sean’s in-demand Bosque Blue Cheese Cole Slaw recipe, which was a total hit!  Several people said, I usually hate cole slaw, but the slaw at the cookout today was fantastic!  Go Chef Sean!

There were also raves about the juicy Nitschke Natural Beef burger as well as the super-creamy Pearl Brand Artisanal vanilla bean ice cream which was made with our Texas Daily Harvest milk.   YUM!

Our $5 Slow Food Meal

Chef Sean’s Bosque Blue Cheese Cole Slaw Recipe

September 19th, 2011

This recipe was in high demand after the Slow Food $5 Challenge on Saturday.  Chef Sean was gracious enough to share it so you can make it at home!

Chef Sean’s Bosque Blue Cheese Cole Slaw


2 carrots – julienned
1/2 bunch fresh cilantro, chopped
1-2 heads cabbage

1 cup mayo
1 cup sour cream1/2 cup Buttermilk
1/2 cup Bosque Blue cheese (from local Veldhuizen Farms)
1 Tbs Sriracha hot sauce


Mix together wet ingredients and add to dry ingredients and mix.  ENJOY!

Major Sales This Weekend!

August 27th, 2011

We have tons of sales going on in the store this weekend – come on by while supplies last!

  • Plums: $1/lb
  • Bananas: $.50/lb
  • Strawberries: $3/clamshell
  • Pears: $1/lb
  • LOCAL cherry tomatoes: $2/lb
  • Avocados: $1 each
  • Sweet potatoes: $.50/lb
  • LOCAL jalapeno cheddar cheese: $15/lb (normally $18/lb)

Also, we have Texas Daily Harvest milk back in stock – hooray!

Pass The Cheese, Please!

February 3rd, 2011

Cheese Cave at Veldhuizen Farm in Dublin, TX

We are working extra hard to bring the best cheeses in Texas to your table! We are pleased to introduce you to the makers of the incredible farmstead cheeses we sell. So, what does farmstead cheese mean? Here’s a great description:

The cheese world can be classified using a pyramid. The order from top to bottom is 1) Farmstead, 2) Artisan, 3) Specialty and 4) All Others. Farmstead is the cheese classification equivalent to Estate Bottled in the wine world. Farmstead means that the milk must be produced from a single herd of animals at the farm, and the cheese is also made at the same farm. Artisan cheeses are not required to be produced at the same farm where the milk is produced but shares similarity with Farmstead cheeses in the sense that they are both hand made, using the highest quality milk and ingredients, and made in small volumes. Specialty cheeses take various forms but are generally industrially made in high volume with milk coming from multiple farms. The All Others classification, as you might suspect, can be skipped altogether.

- From Tumalo Farms of Central Oregan’s website

Here’s some highlights about our awesome cheese farmers and stay tuned to the blog for more in depth interviews with each of them.

Full Quiver in Kemp, TX

  • Cheese handmade by a sweet Mennonite family
  • They have the best cream cheese spread and mozzarella

Texas Daily Harvest in Yantis, TX

  • Best milk in Texas
  • Delicious cheese curds perfect for snacking
  • They maintain a blog about all the fun happenings at the farm

Making Cheese at Veldhuizen Farm

Veldhuizen from Dublin, TX

  • Have built 2 cheese caves – one for Bleu cheese and another for Aged
  • They have many unique aged cheeses that we will soon be carrying
  • Unique flavors like Spicy Jalapeno and even Red Neck Cheddar with, you guessed it, beer poured over cheese curds
  • They also have a blog including recipes using their delicious cheeses



Caprino Royale in Waco, TX

  • Hands down, the best goat cheese in all of Texas
  • Their chevre is used in many top-star restaurants here in Dallas
  • When you know every single goat by name then you know the cheese is made with love!

Brazos Valley at Homestead Heritage in Waco, TX

  • They created an original aged cheese called Vansormon using Vanilla, Sorghum and Cinnamon. Yum!
  • Most amazing Brie cheese in Texas