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Christmas Gift Boxes From The Farmstead

December 14th, 2014

10843827_344532729060066_1780598198_nHow about some tasty homemade treats to share with friends and family over the holidays?   Our Christmas Gift Box includes a variety of baked goodies homemade by our amazing Farmstead baker, Tamsyn.

  • Contains: Texas Valley Orange Marmalade, Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Bread, Ginger Molasses Cookies, and Salted Chocolate Caramel and Bacon Bark
  • Boxes are $45 each
  • Available for pickup at the Farmstead from 12/19 – 12/23 during regular store hours
  • Quantities are limited – Reserve yours today!


December 13th, 2014

What’s cookin’?  The Urban Acres family is a unique one, and we can receive ideas and inspiration from each others’ perspectives. We want to know what you’re making with your Urban Acres produce share and see photos of what’s on your cutting board, your plate, your dining room table.   So when you tweet, Facebook, or Instagram photos of what you’re doing with your share, use hashtag #myUAshare so we can see!

Here’s some of the goodness people have been sharing so far…


@organicstine: Detoxifying green juice courtesy of #myUAshare: apples, oranges, limes, tatsoi, and kale. Added my own celery and ginger and sucked down as much as possible. This is what’s left.


@bethketx: Beets! #myuashare


@grassfedbeef: Kale, cranberries, sliced almonds, lime juice, evoo, s&p. #myUAshare


@bethketx: Fresh squeezed orange-grapefruit blend. #myuashare


@snugglebandit: Green curry with organic: totsoi, sweet potato, diakon, kohlrabi, and Pederson’s sausage! #myuashare


@jackierparr: Bourbon sweet potato casserole for #thanksgiving using local sweet potatoes from #myuashare. I’m so #grateful to have such beautiful, pure ingredients for my thanksgiving meal this year! @urbanacres


@bethketx: Adventures in canning: Beets! #myuashare


@organicstine: @urbanacres share frittata: onions, tatsoi, sweet potatoes, dill. Added leftover chicken from last night’s dinner. #myUAshare #urbanacres


@j_pharr0122: A lovely vegetarian meal from my lovely UA share #myUAshare


@j_pharr0122: Kohlrabi Fritters #myUAshare

Inspired yet?  We look forward to seeing your photos!

Common Questions: “Why do I often see the same items repeated in my share?”

November 28th, 2014

Here at UA, we feel that education is key.  So in this new blog series, our CEO Joe Chou will answer common questions we receive from members and customers.

Our first question:

Why do I often see the same items repeated in my share?2014-10-24 08.50.54

“Collard greens, again?  More kale?” Yes, you’ve likely noticed that in certain seasons, the produce shares will have an abundance of items such as kale, collard greens, squash, etc.  When you’re eating seasonally and locally, you’ll often see many of the same items repeated for weeks in a row.

Why?  Probably the biggest reason is that the ability for a small local organic farmer to plant, grow, tend, and harvest one variety of plant is vital to their ability to sell in large quantities.  Our farmers work on a fraction of the acreage compared to most commercial farms, and the ability to use the same equipment, tools, containers, and same methods to harvest for a few weeks in a row greatly helps efficiency and revenue capabilities of that farm.  We’re also working with so many new, smaller farmers that mastering and being successful with just a few items alone can be a challenge.

Another factor that affects what we can source locally is simply the Texas climate and agricultural landscape.  We hope to get enough organic farmers on board in the years ahead that diversity isn’t so much an issue.

* * *

So eat your greens, make sure to check our Recipes page for inspiration, and keep an open mind.  And when all else fails, there’s a “swap bin” at your pickup location so you can always swap an item you don’t want for something else. :)

The next question Joe will be answering is, “Why do you bring in out-of-state produce?”  Stay tuned…and feel free to comment below if there are certain questions you’d like us to answer in a future post.

This Is The Pumpkin Pie You Want

November 20th, 2014

OK, so you’ve gotta have pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, right?  This is the pumpkin pie you want – our Farmstead-made Spiced Pumpkin Cheese Cake Pie with Perfect Granola Streusel.  We’ve taken the classic and given it our special UA twist by topping it with our sweet and salty Perfect Granola.

Order some now for your Thanksgiving table and have a unique, homemade, 100% organic, non-GMO treat to share with your family and friends!

This is how we make it…

>> Order Your Pie Now

Our First Farmstead Dinner

November 18th, 2014

It was an evening of community around a shared table, full of delicious food supplied by many of our wonderful local farmers.  It was our First Farmstead Dinner to commemorate one year that we’ve been farming our 1/4 acre of land in Oak Cliff.   Thank you to our guests who made the evening so memorable and fun.

We’ll be launching more farmstead dinners on a regular basis.  Our next one is Supper of the Lamb on December 4th – join us!

An Urban Acres Thanksgiving: Pastured Turkey, Ham & Homemade Pie

November 15th, 2014

Thanksgiving is almost here!  Let Urban Acres provide you with real food you’ll be thankful for.

Who wants another Butterball caged turkey when you can have a bird that’s been raised humanely and locally?  Share with family and friends gathering around your table that where your food comes from does matter.

Once again, we’re proud to offer you the best pasture-raised turkeys from Richardson Farms in Rockdale, TX and uncured bone-in hams from Pederson Farms in Hamilton, TX!

>> Order Turkey + Ham Now

* * *

And as a special treat this Thanksgiving, our very own Farmstead staff has created a drool-worthy pie that will wow your guests – Spiced Pumpkin Cheese Cake Pie with Perfect Granola Streusel.  And it’s all organic, non-GMO, and pre-baked!



>> Order Pie Now

* * *

Happy, happy Thanksgiving friends.  We are thankful for you.

Citrus Fest!

November 11th, 2014

IMG_5678For the next few weeks, the produce shares will be chock-full of lovely Texas citrus – Marrs oranges, Meyer lemons, and limes, all local from the Texas valley.


How the citrus arrives from G and S Groves: “from our Texas trees to your table”


This past weekend’s shares with plenty of Texas citrus

In honor of all this local citrus-y goodness, we thought we’d share some of our staff’s favorite ways to eat citrus.   Here ya go!

Joe Chou, CEO:

I love putting limes in my soda stream water, I put lemons and cucumbers in my water at home, and I also juice the oranges.  One of my life’s most favorite things is fresh squeezed organic OJ, cannot be imitated no matter how hard you try!

Dehvon Young, Controller:

The lemons go into my daily master cleanse water that I drink first thing in the morning.  The limes go into limeade.  We sweeten with 1/2 brown sugar and 1/2 white sugar — delicious honey taste.  Oranges get peeled, and I like to drizzle honey and sprinkle cayenne on them!

Jackie Parr, Farmstead Retail Manager:

This is the first time I’ve ever been in a climate that citrus grows locally! Good ol’ Colorado CSA’s don’t exactly have a lot of tropical plants :).  I’m really excited to get something different!

Megan Prast, Customer Support Specialist:

I love making Sopa de Lima, which is a Yucatan lime and chicken soup. I also put lime juice in almost every Columbian or Puerto Rican dish I make – it adds so much flavor!

Jessi Pharr, Customer Experience Coordinator:

I love to put limes (and sometimes lemons) in my quick Sangrias I make at home!  Also, nothing can beat squeezing lime over piping hot chicken, or adding a ton of citrus to a salsa… I eat oranges plain and like crazy – they are, by far, my favorite fruit.

Jeff Fox, Farmstead Team Member:

One of my favorite recipes is orange segments with watercress and grilled prawns, tossed in a citrus vinaigrette with fresh basil and finished with toasted sunflower kernels… though it’s more of a spring salad.

* * *

>> Check our Recipes page for more inspiration.

What do YOU like to do with citrus?  Share your ideas and recipes in the comments!

Colorful Food Donations For The Stewpot

October 29th, 2014

“Some things, like the many melons we enjoyed over the summer, are not regularly in our budget. Smiles have widened as people get their plates due to the wonderfully colorful donations each week.” ~ Ashlee Hueston, The Stewpot

Did you know we donate over 1,500 pounds of organic produce each week to the local non-profits we work with?  We’re thankful for members like you who allows us the opportunity to partner with organizations like The Stewpot in downtown Dallas.

In the the words of UA member and Stewpot meal coordinator Ashlee Hueston, here’s how it works…

stewpot logoThe Stewpot offers a safe haven for homeless and at-risk individuals of Dallas, providing resources for basic survival needs as well as opportunities to start a new life.  Established by First Presbyterian church in 1975, the church began serving meals when they realized no other resources were available to the homeless and hungry.  Since May 2008, The Stewpot has been the sole meal service provider at The Bridge serving an average of 1,000 meals a day, every day of the year.

Thanks to Urban Acres and its members, our dedicated kitchen staff has been able to use the produce donation to benefit those in need.  Our volunteers have loved seeing the fresh color on the plates and the creativity with which the produce has been embraced by the staff and even those we serve.  Some things, like the many melons we enjoyed over the summer, are not regularly in our budget.  Smiles have widened as people get their plates due to the wonderfully colorful donations each week.


stewpot-okra stewpot-potatoesIf you’re interested in volunteering with the Stewpot, visit their website or contact Ashlee Hueston at ashleeh@thestewpot.org.

* * *

Here’s a photo of one of our recent donations to the wonderful folks at the Stewpot.  This food goes towards meals all week long, adding important nutrition and saving the organization thousands each month. Thank YOU for being a part of this!

stewpot donation


Our Meatloaf Burger Is Famous!

October 23rd, 2014

UrbanAcres_byKathyTran-1Our Farmstead‘s Meatloaf Burger is causing quite the stir!

In his review the other day, Scott Reitz with the Dallas Observer City of Ate deemed itthe best meatloaf sandwich in Dallas” saying “you’ve got a sandwich that will create a lasting memory.”

meatloaf burger

Reitz also interviewed our Founder, Steven Bailey, for a full feature on the Farmstead highlighting several other items from the menu…

But for all the growing, building and buzzing about, ask Bailey what he’s really proud of and he’ll tell you, “We’re proud of the kitchen.” He’s leveraged these hyper-local gardens with the relationships he’s forged with farms for more than five years now. Together, they give him access to ingredients a restaurant can only dream of. “We’re not monitoring food costs,” Bailey says. “We’re asking, ‘What do we want to cook for ourselves?’” And the results, so far, are some exemplary sandwiches. ~ Scott Reitz, Dallas Observer

Man, we’re honored!

All props to our creative and talented chef, David Rodriguez.  Come by the Farmstead this weekend for some special menu offerings (hint: it may involve pigs and figs!).

> Read the full article.

Fall Harvest Festival Celebrating Non-GMO Month

October 19th, 2014

Help us celebrate the fall harvest and Non-GMO month!  The Urban Acres Fall Harvest Festival will be on Sunday, October 26th from 12-6pm at our Farmstead in Oak Cliff (1605 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, 75203).  Chef David and team will be roasting a whole hog from our friends at Falster Farm, and we’ll have some yummy seasonal sides and vegetarian options for sale.  A band, kid friendly activities, and games will ensure that the whole family has a great time.


5% of Farmstead sales for the day will be donated to The Non-GMO project, a non-profit supporting your right to choose non-GMO.


If you don’t know what a “GMO” is, it’s time to find out!  Check out these posts:

And for a little laugh, check out this Jimmy Kimmel video where they sent a crew to a local farmers market to ask people why they avoid GMOs and, more specifically, what the letters “GMO” stand for:

HA!  But seriously…be informed.  Know why you’re making your food choices and what they mean.  You have a right to choose non-GMO and the ability to educate others.

>> RSVP on our Facebook Event page.

See you next Sunday at the Farmstead!