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Today at UA: $1 Off Sale, Come See Us At Repotted!

October 1st, 2011

It’s gorgeous outside!  Enjoy your Saturday with some great sales and a gardening event!

$1 Off Sale – Saturday, October 1st Only…

  • Get $1 off when you buy Greek yogurt and Impact Foods granola
  • Get $1 off when you buy chips and hummus or salsa
  • Get $1 off when you buy Casa Brasil coffee and a homemade pastry

Penelope's homemade coffee cake muffins

Also, please join us at Repotted Garden Solutions from 11am-3pm for their 1 Year Anniversary Celebration. Lots of fun for adults and kids alike…see you there!

September & October Rooster Deals – Bread, Cheese, and Soup!

September 1st, 2011

HAPPY FALL!  Here are the September Rooster Deals for Urban Acres members…grilled cheese sandwich, anyone?  What welcomes the cooler weather more than a hot, gooey grilled cheese sandwich with a steaming bowl of soup? 

Not a member?  See how to join here.


  • Get $1.00 off when you buy bread and cheese.  {Freshly baked bread from local Empire Baking Company, and artisanal cheese from local Texas farmers!}
  • $1.00 off any of Chef Sean’s soups. {His soup is featured on the menu at Eno’s Pizza in Bishop Arts District on Fridays!}


Remember, these deals are in addition to the regular 5% off every purchase that members get in our store.

Major Sales This Weekend!

August 27th, 2011

We have tons of sales going on in the store this weekend – come on by while supplies last!

  • Plums: $1/lb
  • Bananas: $.50/lb
  • Strawberries: $3/clamshell
  • Pears: $1/lb
  • LOCAL cherry tomatoes: $2/lb
  • Avocados: $1 each
  • Sweet potatoes: $.50/lb
  • LOCAL jalapeno cheddar cheese: $15/lb (normally $18/lb)

Also, we have Texas Daily Harvest milk back in stock – hooray!

Today at UA: Chef Sean Samples, Wholesome Foods Gluten-Free Breads & Baked Goods, Sale on Chips & Salsa

July 16th, 2011

Fun things happening this morning at our store in Oak Cliff…

First, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Wholesome Foods – a delicious gluten-free bakery here in Dallas! We now carry tons of their amazing gluten-free goodies, including pizza crust, cookie dough, breads, cereal and muffins…

Chef Sean is also in the store sampling some of his homemade marinated carrots, peach preserves, and salsa this morning until 12noon. When you buy Chef Sean’s salsa, get $1 off Blanco Valley Organic Corn Chips (which are fried in healthy coconut oil). YUM!

July & August Rooster Deals – Stock Up On Drinks for Summer Parties

July 12th, 2011

Here are the in-store Rooster Deals for July and August for Urban Acres members.

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JULY & AUGUST Rooster Deals…

  • $.50 off any of Chef Sean’s old-fashioned canned goods (marinated carrots, peach preserves, and more!).
  • 10% off (in addition to regular 5% for members) when you purchase a case of any of the following drinks: Buddha’s Brew, Crazy Water, Sweet Leaf, or Maine Root.  Just contact us or stop by the store and let us know when you want to order a case of any of these beverages.

Buddha’s Brew Kombucha.

Kimberly Lanski, brewmaster and co-owner of Austin, TX based Buddha’s Brew, began making kombucha for herself and her close friends many years ago after she became fascinated by its ability to help the body maintain a healthy metabolic balance. In 2006, she created Buddha’s Brew – a tantalizing, invigorating, rejuvenating probiotic-rich kombucha.  Kimberly delicately crafts the recipe for each flavor, believing that kombucha can and should taste good!  Organic ingredients and fair trade tea are used in the brewing process which takes place in their very own commercial kombucha kitchen/brewery in Austin.

~ ~ ~

Crazy Water.

Mineral Wells, TX has had a worldwide reputation for its “Crazy Water” since the late 1800’s after a woman suffering from a nervous condition drank from a mineral well there and was cured. Health seekers from all over the globe flooded to this tiny mountain community by the thousands every year. Now they are packaging and selling their Crazy Water so people everywhere can enjoy the amazing health benefits of its high mineral content and alkalinity.   People claim that drinking Crazy Water has helped cure everything from acid reflux to kidney disease to osteoporosis!  Try it for yourself!

~ ~ ~

Sweet Leaf Tea.

The idea for Austin, TX-based Sweet Leaf was born in 1997 while founder Clayton was living on a sailboat in the Florida Keys.  He wanted to make a ready-to-drink bottled tea that tasted as good as the homemade iced tea that his grandmother “Mimi” used to make (see the cartoon rendition of Mimi on the Sweet Leaf label!).  Granny’s recipe called for premium tea leaves and pure cane sugar.  Following her instructions, the first big batches of Sweet Leaf tea were brewed in Beaumont, TX using pillowcases as tea bags and crawfish pots for brew tanks.  Clayton was shortly joined by childhood friend David and they began distributing in stores nationwide.  Today they still use simply pure cane sugar to sweeten their delicious teas.

~ ~ ~

Maine Root.

For four years now, Maine Root‘s organically-sweetened sodas have been thrilling fans from New England to Texas. This all started when Matt Seller, a boat builder and former fishing guide, was helping a friend build the oven at Flatbread Pizza Company in Portland, Maine. Finding the restaurant’s root beer less than palate-pleasing, he brewed his own. Praises and orders flowed and soon his brother Mark quit his software sales job to expand their distribution. Maine Root uses organic evaporated cane juice to sweeten their sodas. Bottom line is that it tastes better, and since it is organic, it is better for you, better for the farmers, and better for the ecosystem.  Today, Maine Root is flying off the shelves at Urban Acres!

Today at UA: Chef Sean, Grass-Fed Bison Sliders, Local Peaches

July 2nd, 2011

Lots of fun happenings at Urban Acres today…

Our former prepared foods chef, Nicole, has gone on to greener pastures (pardon the pun) with our blessing.  So we’d like to introduce you to our new amazing chef, Sean Blanchette!  If you’ve been to Fearing’s restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, then you’ve most likely tasted his delicious fare.  We’ll give you a formal intro soon, but until here’s a pic of Sean servin’ up some of his roasted tomato salsa and grass-fed bison sliders today at the store…

Our truck driver Jeff (left) and Chef Sean (right)

And here are some photos from inside the store…

Table of local goodies: sunflowers, Oak Cliff figs, onions & potatoes

Local organic ridiculously juicy peaches from Blooming Grove, TX are ON SALE for $2.50/1 lb bag (normally $3.75)…

Bagged and ready to be eaten!

Red, White, & Blue July 4th Weekend Blowout Sale!

July 1st, 2011

Bummed you’re staying in town for the 4th?  Well, don’t be sad, because we’re rewarding you with some great blowout sales at Urban Acres!

Sale runs Saturday, July 2nd through Monday, July 4th. 
*PLEASE NOTE: We’ll be open from 10am-2pm on July 4th.



  • Local organic tomatoes from Austin, TX & Grand Saline, TX in 3 varieties – cherry, juliet, and valley girls.  This is our first big crop of organic Texas tomatoes!  $2.00/clamshell (usually $4.00)
  • Organic strawberries for $3.00 (normally $5.00)
  • Local organic ridiculously juicy peaches from Blooming Grove, TX.  $2.50/1 lb bag (normally $3.75)


  • Local organic Texas Daily Harvest milk from Yantis, TX – low-pasteurized/non-homogenized – $4.99/gallon (normally $6.99)
  • Granola/milk package deal: get a gallon of Texas Daily Harvest milk and Impact Foods granola from Dallas, TX for  $10.00 ($4.00 savings)


  • Local organic blueberries from LaRue, TX.  $3.00/clamshell (normally $4.00)

And just for the heck of it, here are a few more…

  • Organic super sweet corn - 2 ears for $1.00 (normally $1.25/ear)
  • Organic avocados - $1.50 each (normally $2.50)
  • …and much more.  Come out to the store to see what else we’ll have on sale!

June Rooster Deals

May 31st, 2011

Here are the in-store JUNE Rooster Deals for Urban Acres members, starting Wednesday, June 1st.

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JUNE Rooster Deals…

All of these featured items are from local Texas farmers & artisans!

  • Get Impact Foods granola (handmade in Dallas) for $5.50 when you buy milk ($1.50 savings)
  • $1.00 off any Gristmill product (stone-ground grains, pancake mix, & more from Waco, TX!)
  • $.75 off Laus Deo eggs from Mexia, TX

We also still have a bit of wild-caught Salmon left in larger pieces…

Exclusive Salmon Special!
We’re not selling any more wild-caught Alaskan salmon in store, but we’ve set aside the last 200 pounds of the season for members only, and we’ve taken 25% off!  Now available for $11/lb (normally $15/lb).  Must be purchased in 5-lb increments. Email us at with your order so we can set some aside for you at the store.