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What Is Kombucha?

December 30th, 2013

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Now on tap at the Urban Acres FarmsteadHoly Kombucha!  We’re thrilled to be able to provide our members and customers with this great health drink.  You can buy it by the cup to enjoy with your sandwich or in half-gallon glass “growlers” which are jugs that can be purchased and refilled at the Farmstead whenever you like.

{Random fact: kombucha can never be put in metal containers as it can damage the drink.}

So what is kombucha and why is it so great?  Kombucha has a uniquely tangy taste with an abundance of probiotic cultures in each bottle. Once referred to as the “elixir of life,” the health benefits of kombucha have been enjoyed by many cultures for centuries.

8 Things to Know About Kombucha:

kombucha1 copy

Ready to try some?  Come see us this weekend!

The Show Must Go On…

December 16th, 2013

And it surely did go on. Our members have proven to be resilient to Texas weather. The deck at the Farmstead was full of faithful customers and our local artisans this weekend at our Third Annual Urban Acres Holiday Market.

photo 2-1

Shopping and tasting goodies

There was plenty of pottery and art to decorate your home…

photo 2-2

Mugs by Mike Calvin pottery

photo 3-1

Amy and her pottery from Alazan Ceramics


Amy Riley created her drawings by carving the wood, painting, and then pressing on paper

There was delicious comfort food that kept you feeling energized with gluten free ingredients…

photo 1-1

Daniel with Guiltless

There were beautiful flower arrangements…


Flowers by Miriana of Flower Power Nation

There were variety of essential oils for your emotional and physical wellness…

The handcrafted gifts from recycled materials were a big hit…


Crafts by Kitschy

Everyone was greeted with warm potato soup made by our staff in the store. Customer Mrs. Smith happily announced, “My husband and I already had a cupful. It’s delicious. Make sure you have some for yourself while it’s warm!”


Inside of the Farmstead

If you missed this great event don’t fret, we’ll have our artisans visiting again soon!

Third Annual Urban Acres Holiday Market ~ Saturday, December 14

December 13th, 2013

We’re excited to bring you our Third Annual Urban Acres Holiday Market this Saturday…

holiday market garland Join us for our Third Annual Holiday Artisan Marketplace
at our
Urban Farmstead in Oak Cliff

Saturday, December 14 from 11am-2pm
1605 N. Beckley Ave. Dallas, TX 75203

10 of our favorite local craft and food artisans will come again to share their goods in our fun, community-based setting: 

Each artist will showcase handcrafted goods, and we’ll have Urban Acres holiday gift baskets and Urban Acres cutting boards for sale – it’s a perfect time to stock up on unique Christmas gifts.   Plan to stay for lunch – we’ll also have hot beverages and sandwiches for purchase.

This weekend will be a great time to visit the Farmstead. Come and sit on the deck with your family and friends. We’re looking forward to see you!

It’s Turkey + Pie Ordering Time!

October 24th, 2013

Gobble up some Local, Pasture-Raised Turkey & Organic Pie this Thanksgiving!

Once again, we’re proud to offer you the best pasture-raised turkeys from Richardson Farms in Rockdale, TX.

Nothing quite compares to Richardson Farms turkey – once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to taste another turkey.  These happy, healthy turkeys only eat non-GMO feed, grass and bugs and are raised in large pasture where they are free to roam and interact with each other.

Order Your Turkey Now >

We’re also offering some delicious pie options again this year.  From our friends at Emporium Pies right here in Oak Cliff, the Drunken Nut Pecan Pie. From Val’s, we have the timeless classic Organic Pumpkin Pie


Order Your Pies Now >


Why Is Local Honey Important?

October 16th, 2013

75208honey-bottledAh, the dreaded seasonal Texas allergies.  One day you’re fine, and the next day you sneeze 857 times and cannot stop itching your eyes.  If you’re looking for a natural way to help fight allergies, local honey can help.

Honey is a powerful immune system booster.   It actually contains bits and pieces of pollen. Allergies can arise from continuous over-exposure to the same allergens. Eating a couple of teaspoons-full per day of honey made by bees working in the area where you live will often prevent allergic reaction to the pollens it contains. Begin several months prior to the pollen season.  This is not to suggest that local honey will replace allergists.  It just makes sense to try this quick, safe and inexpensive solution before going to the expense of medication or immunology injections  (source).

Local honey is rich in pollens from your environment which help with allergies and high in minerals and amino acids from the bees which are key to our health. Another reason to buy local honey is that the money stays here in our market, our neighbors benefit, and Americans help each other grow in their health and in their business. So please, buy local honey, it sweetens life for all of us (source).

At Urban Acres, all our local raw honey is from Texas Honeybee Guild.

TX Honeybee GuildTexas Honeybee Guild

Brandon and Susan Pollard are urban “Bee-Wranglers” in Dallas, TX. As founders of the Texas Honeybee Guild, their mission is to support the area’s urban bee populations.  As part of their bee-wrangling duties, the Pollards maintain micro-apiaries at various Dallas locations.  These sites allow them to extract honey for their own brand, Zip Code Honey®.   Raw unfiltered honey provides a local element and great benefit to your system. The pollens utilized by the bees in your own back yard can provide relief for allergy sufferers. We have 75208 Zip Code Honey® from a hive on the roof of Urban Acres!  It’s the most local honey you can get.

Texas HoneyBee colony on the roof of Urban Acres

Texas HoneyBee colony on the roof of Urban Acres

Want to learn more about local raw honey?  Check these out…

A Steward’s Dinner – Photos & Memories

March 27th, 2013


Was it all a dream?  Last night was nothing short of amazing…

We’re thankful to every single person who lent their time and talents to make A Steward’s Dinner memorable…the farmers who grew, raised, and donated the food, some of Dallas’ best chefs who prepared beautifully creative dishes with the local ingredients, and all of the guests who joined together to make it an incredible night of community around the table.

We’d like to extend a special thank-you to the Dallas media who helped us get the word out and the guys at Four Corners Brewing Co. for letting us use their facility which was perfect for the event.  Definitely try their local brews…great stuff!

Salatin talked about the USDuh (USDA) like a punk rocker talks about the man, and his jokes got some chuckles and whoops from the crowd. But when he spun the seemingly infinite amount of microbes contained in two fistfuls of dirt into a metaphor for God, the whole room went so quiet you could hear a single leaf of parsley drop. – The Dallas Observer City of Ate

We entered through the makeshift barn doors and an immediate wave of camaraderie passed over us…It seemed as though we were all on some magical food team together and couldn’t wait to share our encouragement and passion for sustainable living practices. – D Magazine Sidedish

Last night, supporters swapped suggestions and recipe ideas from the culinary adventurousness that Urban Acres inherently imposes. Have 3 pounds of kohlrabi and no idea how to cook it? Consult the internet, ask a neighbor, make a new friend. Swap and share. Try something unusual for a change. – Pegasus News

Here’s what some guests had to say about the event…

Best food ever cooked for me by someone other than my mother or grandmothers.

It was so awesome guys. Was so blessed to be there.

Amazing. Beautiful. Fun. All these and more!

* * *

And here are a few photos…more to come soon!


The menu, perfectly illustrated by Graham Dodds’ wife, Marissa


Four Corners Brewing Co. – setting up


A Steward’s Dinner T-shirts

stewards 1

The tables are set…

stewards 2

Overhead view…on the left is a group of Urban Acres farmers talking with Joel Salatin

stewards 3

The guests start arriving…


Oak Cliff Coffee espresso slingin’


UA Director of Operations Joe Chou with wife Kathe


UA Founder Steven Bailey with sustainability guru Liz Goulding


UA Customer Service Rep Andrea Stewart and UA co-owner Christine Bailey

bowlins 1

UA co-owner/Executive Director Mark Bowlin with wife Stephanie

iginia brandon

UA Marketing Director Brandon Perez with Iginia Boccalandro from Carbon Economy Series


Chefs Graham Dodds and Chad Houser addressing the crowd on sourcing local food

stewards 4

Joel Salatin sharing about what it means to be a steward