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Meet the Ladies ~ Dolly

February 10th, 2014

Our ladies have been quite a troopers these past few days. They kept close to each other to keep warm. We saw them all bundled up together in the Farmstead coop through these cold winter nights.


The ladies in the coop

You have been reading about our ladies the last few weeks and today, you will learn to love the last lady of the coop, Dolly…


Dolly is a Barred Rock, and is the oldest of our coop flock. Her coloring is a speckled black and white. She is our grand dame, the alpha hen, who loves to push the others around. Dolly is the first to emerge at feeding time from the safety of the coop. She always comes out clucking to find what goodies have been spread out in the run for sampling and is always the first to claim a piece of pear.



Dolly has been very vocal since arriving to the Baileys many years ago. After many days of listening her clucking away, she got named after the most popular country singer of our time, Dolly Parton. She didn’t disappoint the crowed visiting the coop the other day. She delighted both young and old with her “music”.


Visitors at the coop

It’s always a joy to see young children connect to these lovely ladies. The purpose of the coop and its residents to educate the community about the lives of farm animals. Come visit and say hello to Dolly and her sisters next time you visit the Farmstead in Oak Cliff.

Meet the Ladies ~ Winnie

February 4th, 2014

Another cold week to pull through for our ladies at the Farmstead. We are so thankful for Anita, our Urban Acres grounds keeper, for her dedication to keep these lovely ladies comfortable under these insanely frigid conditions. Anita prepares the coop for the night not only by covering the run with a tarp but also heating a brick in her oven that she later wraps in a blanket and puts in the coop for the ladies to stay warm.

Let’s meet the third “sister” in the group, Winnie…


Winnie, just like Penny, came to us from Peace and Love Farms and is still young. She is an Araucana, has a noble gray color and a long neck. Naming Winnie was easy; she got her name after the Baileys’ daughter’s favorite cartoon character ~ Winnie the Pooh. After watching many episodes of the “tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff”, naming her came naturally.



Winnie is shy of people, especially strangers. When it comes to feeding time, she is the last one to emerge after the greens (chard, bok choy or tatsoi), scratch, and pears have been spread out in the run. She lays green eggs and was the first lady to lay eggs in her new home – producing 4 eggs in one week.

Winnie's green egg

Winnie’s green egg

Please, be patient around Winnie when visiting the coop. Although, she will surely warm up to you after a few visits.

Meet the Ladies ~ Penny

January 27th, 2014

We started our four-week series on the chickens of the Urban Acres Farmstead last week. Cee-Lo has been a great big sister to all the other ladies. Let’s meet Penny…


Penny came to us from Peace & Love Farm. She is a young Rhode Island Red, with lovely auburn feathers. She was tiny and full of energy when we got her. While transporting the little chick in the van, we kept hearing a weird pecking sound from the box. Upon arriving to our destination, we realized she was pecking at a shiny penny. So we named her Penny.  She is expected to lay tan to brown eggs. When she feels comfortable in her new surroundings, she will lay at least 250-300 eggs a year.



Penny adjusted well to her new environment at the Farmstead and we sense she is one of our ladies that started laying eggs in the coop.

Penny's first egg at the Farmstead coop

Penny’s first egg at the Farmstead coop

Penny is somewhat shy of people but is always ready to sample pieces of pear. Come by and check out her beautiful plumage.

Meet the Ladies ~ Cee Lo

January 21st, 2014

Have you had the chance to visit the chicken coop at the Urban Acres Farmstead yet? Our 4 grown ladies have been busy clucking away. As the weather gets warmer, they have more and more to say. It’s a great feeling to provide these hens a home in an urban setting. Today, we’ll start a four part series to introduce you to the ladies of the Farmstead’s chicken coop.

Courtney Lorraine, a.k.a. Cee-Lo

It was a beautiful spring day when the Baileys, the founders of Urban Acres, made a visit to Gecko Hardware, which also happens to be our Lake Highlands produce pickup location. It was love at first sight when the Baileys’ young daughter spotted a chick with tiny fluffy, feathered feet –  a Black Cochin.  She hopped into their hands and was there to stay.  They named her Courtney Lorraine, a.k.a. Cee-Lo, because something about the Black Cochin‘s feathered swagger reminded them of the famous flamboyant pop artist.

Baby Cee-Lo with her new family, the Baileys

Baby Cee-Lo with her new family, the Baileys

The Baileys couldn’t stop loving on her. She settled into her new family and loved walking around the house while perched on Steven’s shoulder to get used to her new environment.

Checking out the house with Steven

Checking out the house with Steven

Fed on organic, non-GMO feed, Cee-Lo grew quickly.  She loved pecking and foraging in the Baileys’ backyard, and soon it was time to move her into her new home at the Farmstead.

She is a pullet, which means she is pre-egg-laying age. We’re expecting eggs from her any day now. Out of the four ladies, Cee-Lo is always first to investigate when fresh water is put out and loves to be the first to drink.


Cee-Lo perching on the ramp in the coop

Make sure you say hello to Cee-Lo when you visit the Farmstead. She will definitely cluck back to you.

Cauliflower ~ An NBA Player’s “Favorite”

January 10th, 2014

Today, Barbara Bailey, our Marketing Coordinator at Urban Acres, shares her experience introducing a much disliked vegetable – cauliflower- to her son. Barbara remembers…


Barbara’s son, Zadok

My son had a love for basketball from a young age, but like many other small kids, he was hesitant to taste vegetables that he didn’t find appealing.

I was always aware of the fantastic health benefits of cauliflower. It’s high in dietary fiber, folate, and Vitamin C.  But since my son wasn’t very interested in eating this great vegetable raw, I had to figure out a way to make him like it.

The Master Plan…

So to encourage my son to eat cauliflower, I had to make up a little white lie. One evening at dinner time I argued, “But it’s Michael Jordan’s favorite!” My son, being a huge Jordan fan, looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes and as if magic happened, he ate the whole plate of carefully chopped-up raw cauliflower. I was amazed, excited, and promised to keep my secret forever. My son is fifteen now, plays basketball, and still eats cauliflower raw. Because “It’s Michael Jordan’s favorite!”

Other delicious ways to help kids try this veggie…

Make it as a soup.


 Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Pretend it’s mashed potatoes.

Mashed Cauliflower

PS. My son, being an adolescent boy now, doesn’t read blogs.  So if you see him in town, please don’t tell him my secret!

* * *

Thanks, Barbara! Your secret is safe with us. If you have a great story about teaching your children how to try and love fruits and vegetables, let us know. We would love to hear your story!

Third Annual Urban Acres Holiday Market ~ Saturday, December 14

December 13th, 2013

We’re excited to bring you our Third Annual Urban Acres Holiday Market this Saturday…

holiday market garland Join us for our Third Annual Holiday Artisan Marketplace
at our
Urban Farmstead in Oak Cliff

Saturday, December 14 from 11am-2pm
1605 N. Beckley Ave. Dallas, TX 75203

10 of our favorite local craft and food artisans will come again to share their goods in our fun, community-based setting: 

Each artist will showcase handcrafted goods, and we’ll have Urban Acres holiday gift baskets and Urban Acres cutting boards for sale – it’s a perfect time to stock up on unique Christmas gifts.   Plan to stay for lunch – we’ll also have hot beverages and sandwiches for purchase.

This weekend will be a great time to visit the Farmstead. Come and sit on the deck with your family and friends. We’re looking forward to see you!