Wesley Rankin Community Center – Where Extra Produce Is Donated

March 21st, 2012

“We serve a neighborhood where fresh produce is far too rare, and healthy nutrition often falls victim to cheap convenience.”

Because of YOU, we can help this problem!  One of the things we love is how everyone who is a part of Urban Acres combines their efforts to give a gift to the community.  Together, we are a voice shouting over the din of this big city that knowing where your food comes from does matter.

By purchasing produce cooperatively, we get to support local family farmers and help people in Dallas live healthier lives.  What you might not know is that we are also able to donate extra produce every week to people in need. If you’ve ever missed a pickup, your produce has been donated to one of the non-profits we work with here in Dallas.

One of those places is Wesley Rankin Community Center in West Dallas.  Their mission is to “transform lives through education, support services, and the nurturing of the multi-generational West Dallas community.”

The food you donate to Wesley Rankin is particularly used for the senior citizen community. We recently received this note from their Executive Director and wanted to share it with you…

We love that the seniors are able to try new produce items, and all organic!  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for being a part of Urban Acres, and something greater.

One thought on “Wesley Rankin Community Center – Where Extra Produce Is Donated

  1. WRCC Staff

    Thank YOU, Urban Acres! We are so proud of this connection and partnership with you! Thank you for continuing to supply healthy, nutritional produce to our community!


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