Thank You From Our Produce Sort Team…And Lots Of Recipes

October 28th, 2011

At this very moment, our produce sort team is working hard getting all the co-op style produce shares ready for tomorrow’s pickup.

When they began to stack the bins today, they found this sweet thank you note from a member in the bottom of one of the bins…

Thank you note from members, The Martins

Sweet Martin family!  Right back at ya!

Starting front center and going clockwise: Thorne, Angi, Pam, Lelia, Saul, and Nicole

Eat your GREENS!  This weekend’s share is full of them…

Nicole shows the difference between lacinato kale (left), dandelion greens (center), and red chard (right)

We’ll also be including delicious fingerling potatoes and some fresh herbs…

Try These Recipes…

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