Collard Greens

September 25th, 2011

Several people have asked about this item in the co-op style produce shares this weekend…in case you were wondering, they’re collard greens!

You might think of collards as straight out of a southern potluck buffet table.  But there are plenty of ways to cook these tasty winter greens.  Check out these collard greens cooking tips.

Recipe ideas…

Let us know if you have any great ideas on how to eat collards!

4 thoughts on “Collard Greens

  1. Mary

    My friend, Festus, grows collards and cooks them very simply – cleaning them, chiffonading them, and simmering them in a big pot of water with a ham hock and some red pepper flakes for a few hours. Serve with some vinegar or hot pepper sauce, and it is a happy thing. I also learned from his wife (and my great friend), Deb, that you can cook a lot and freeze the leftovers in small containers, pulling them out and plopping them into a pot to thaw whenever you want them. Nice…

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